Busy bee be real. Lots of things that have happened in the past week or so, so let’s start from the top!


1) I got a job! I work for FindSpark in Partner Sales and Community Development. Yay meaningful work! I’ve already done a bit of little things here and there during my training including this blog post: 5 Quotes from Shakeshack CEO Danny Meyer to Inspire Your Professional Journey

and more importantly, I’d like to push the FindSpark Fashion Conference happening this Saturday from 10AM-5PM! Read More

Internship doldrums…

When I wished for prince charming
A man so disarming
That I would fall into his arms
I dreamed of a man
Who could open up a can
Of brilliant ideas and words warm

And I’ve told you time and again
I really don’t need any more friends
But you’ve stuck with me straight to this end
But how…

Every night my candle goes out
And my room is cold and dark
Pick up a fairy tale I don’t know about
And read it just on a lark
And I’ll get another text interruption
Telling me of your diarrhea eruption;
I would anything for love
But I won’t do you.
Won’t do you!

I don’t even know.

I am driving myself crazy

Describe your understanding of the restaurant industry.

Describe your understanding of the restaurant industry??

What would you have me to tell you, tidbits on industry standards, food standard history, types of machinery I know you guys use, summarize ValueLine’s industry analysis? Should I discuss techniques? Do you want me to talk about growing up with relatives all involved in the restaurant industry as immigrants? Do you want me to talk about waitressing, do you want me to talk about my fast food experience? Do you want me to talk about my friend in Canada who’s a chef? Do you want to hear me ramble about random paragraphs of food history?

Do you want me to talk about going to Cognac and melting under their truffle mac & cheese, feeling uptight and constrained at L’Allegria even though all I wanted to do was devour the table, judging the crap out of Chinese restaurants and sushi bars owned by Cantos, stuffing my mouth with Alfa Bagels on special school days, realizing that going to Momofuku was the only good thing about that day trip, eating Korean barbecue with so many friends at once, walking through Chinatown and having youtiao and congee with black eggs, egg tarts and pork floss buns, deep-fried daikon cakes, scallion pancakes, driving around New Jersey with a man who’s shown me so much that I can’t help but still, still, still miss him so much it makes me want to cry?

Momofuku, what do you want me to tell you? It’s a two week internship. I was told I was over thinking it, but how do you properly think about something that means so much?

Why do I even want to do this anyway?