Penhaligon’s Iris Prima

Disclaimer: I don’t like iris in perfume. Serge Lutens Silver Iris Mist, while I appreciate it as a lovely work of art, is like huffing Vaseline lotion (the one that comes in the regular cream-yellow pump bottle) and carrots. Tauer’s Lonesome Rider would have hit all my happy spots…if the iris wasn’t so prominent. And so on.


Iris Prima

  • Wet: peony, bergamot, carnation
  • Dry: iris, suede, violet, peony, bergamot, nutmeg, vetiver

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Surrender to Chance – April

Serge Lutens Iris Silver Mist
Wet: baby powder, lotion, vetiver, carrots?, tiny bit of pepper
Dry-down: baby powder, carrot juice, sandalwood, musk
From far: baby powder, sandalwood


It honestly just smells like Vaseline lotion to me. Like all I can think of is putting Vaseline Intensive Care all over my hands and having the pleasant but slightly medicinal smell follow me throughout the day. I’ll try it in a month and see how I feel then, but it’s just…I mean, it’s nostalgic in a way, but in a way that makes my hands feel a little greasy. I’m so damn confused.


All of the notes I got were the same and it’s still…weird. It’s less like lotion and more like I’ve been peeling carrots all day (and I know what that smells like since I just did that the other weekend for an event!) and it’s just odd. Not entirely unpleasant, just not anything like something I would wear for any reason. Ah well. Win some, lose some, right?

The Surrender to Chance site just in case you forgot 🙂