Odoro Perfume Review


Odoro is a new perfume company based in Columbus, Ohio. They reached out to /r/fragrance on Reddit a few weeks back and I decided to take the initiative and try them out, and I was not disappointed.

I only purchased three samples, but they actually sent me six in total. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it and the extra scents are lovely and fun 😀

Vanille Lune: Right out of the bottle it smells like a sweet floral vanilla, very tasty. It’s very subtle on my skin, but the vanilla obviously puts its foot forward immediately, followed by a rich buttery caramel, and what seems to me like a touch of lavender. Very, very pretty.

Jacinthe de Bois: Out of the bottle I get an almost coconut-like creaminess. On my skin it ripens to a honeysuckle-honeydew combination, and actually reminds me of an interesting macaron I had once that was flavored with violet with banana buttercream.

Printemps Lily: Smells like wildflowers steeping in a vase of grape juice in the bottle. Interesting! I didn’t enjoy it as much on my skin. It’s definitely a nice floral, but on my skin it smells more like mothballs than lilies.

Can Can: From the bottle, I get ripe red fruits, especially strawberries, and it’s sweet and juicy. On my skin I get caramelized grapefuit peel, with a back end of musk and patchouli, which, instead of amping on me like usual, stays put and rounds out the fragrance instead of destroys it. It was too girly for me at first, but I think I rather like a few minutes in.

L’Homme des Bois: It’s very spicy, a strong hit of black pepper, and I get a leather-tobacco feel from it, but it’s not overly smoky right from the bottle. On my skin it matures and I get the leather and tobacco, and a really interesting hint of rose which balances and mellows out this fairly masculine scent.

Coton Homme: Definitely get grapefruit up front, and it’s a sharp turn from all of the sugar I’ve been smelling; really nice and fresh. The guy I handed the bottle to really liked it and we agreed it smelled like soft, comfortable laundry.

Frais Aqua: It smells mostly of pepper right out of the bottle. On my skin though, it opens up splendidly and is spicy with a violet note and maybe a tiny bit of refreshing watermelon. I know it’s supposed to be a masculine smell, but I’m wearing it as I write and really enjoy it.

Overall, the lasting power of the scents was pretty good, and I enjoyed all of them. There was nothing too heady or too light in my package and I’m having fun sniffing the different parts of my arm I used for this review. If you liked what I wrote and want to try out some new perfume, I heartily recommend trying out Odoro 🙂

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