Isosine – Nonstop Pop 2013

This is probably my favorite 2013 compilation thus far. It just includes so many songs I felt would be overlooked by compilators and it flows really well despite using sudden tempo and key changes. I love that he included John Newman, who doesn’t seem to have won over the American audience as well as Lorde has, and Chvrches, who’s really only getting their footing here in the US around now or so (I missed a concert of theirs last week, I wanted to punch something.)

I usually listen to DJ Earworm’s mix a ton, but this year the mix isn’t the best for the number of songs he samples. It’s also kind of slow, trance-y, even though this year’s list of songs have all been fairly fast and dynamic. It kind of sounds uninspired, honestly, though it’s still a nice listen. It’s just a little disappointing because I thought he did a good job with the Summer mash.

Another really good mash is the Pop Danthology 2013 by kimaginati0n on Youtube/Daniel Kim. His sample list is longer than the other two; 68 to Isosine’s 35 and DJ Earworm’s usual 25. Since it’s a Danthology, it’s a very danceable, fun, jumpy mix and I enjoyed it. Link here to the Pop Danthology 2013!

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