Surrender to Chance! (More perfume reviews!)

Surrender to Chance is an online fragrance decant and sample selling website that has some great ready-made sets for certain occasions or off of note preference, time of day, and other characteristics! I just purchased their 12 Months of Scent sample pack and I’m stoked to share my feelings on them :3

Let’s get to it!

  •  January: Ormonde Jayne Ormonde Women

Wet: pine, dill, cucumber, vetiver, pepper
Dry-down: pepper, pine, wood, jasmine, amber
From afar: pine/wood, violet, jasmine, amber
Lasts: Medium length, three obvious hours and then it fades off.

It’s very fresh and dry and soothing. It’s what I’d think of sophisticated without being too “old.” It may be a few years more mature than myself though, but that’s perfectly fine. It’s spicy, and I like the vetiver a lot. It’s actually fairly masculine for a feminine fragrance, and that suits me just fine. It’s almost less sweet than the Versace Blue Jeans for Men, which is my go-to day scent.  It’s definitely more mellow and more flowery than Blue Jeans.

I’m a big fan now. I think it’s flirty, but flirty in the awesome conversationalist, half-smile, bedroom eyes sort of way. It gives off an air of intelligence if that makes any sense. It seems like it would translate well to a business office or to a low-key night out.

  • February: Jo Malone Blue Agave & Cacao

Wet: musk, the chocolate, vanilla
Dry-down: taro, cardamom, bubblegum
From far: nothing really; musk and bubblegum
Lasts: Medium length, two obvious hours and then only when you’re really up close

It’s definitely sweet, and quite interesting. I only get the cacao at the beginning when it’s wet, and then it’s completely overtaken by other lighter and sweeter scents. Fragrantica says this should start with citrus, but I can’t detect any on my skin. It smells like warm bubblegum or taro bubble tea. It’s a pretty bouncy, fun smell, and a little like a slightly dusty room on a hot day.

It’s a nice scent. It’s fun and tasty and cute, and I can definitely see someone with a non-confrontational and cheery personality pull this off. It’s too sweet for me right now in the winter, but I would consider wearing it to the beach. 

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