Robin WIlliams

I’ve been in Seattle the past few days, so I’ve been kind of MIA (I’ll have something to write about the pretty city when I get back though!) Plus, with Robin Williams committing suicide, well, that by itself kind of had me stuck. I’ve read a lot. Watched a lot. I’ve written what I could on Facebook and shared other people’s way better tributes to the actor. I don’t think I could do anything better, so I’m just going to post something I thought was lovely.

Suicide. Suicide isn’t something I’m really in the headspace to talk about right now, not on vacation with my parents who don’t acknowledge mental illness unless it’s dementia or the recognizable forms of schizophrenia. Anyway. There’s always a choice. Even if it’s hard to see.

Tribute by Lad Bible

And now, a game that represents depression pretty damn well. Again, there’s always a choice. Sometimes you can’t see it. You’ll see what I mean if you play.

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