Emerging Voices Fellowship – PEN


Time for another Kickstarter push!

I had the opportunity to go to a PEN World Voices Festival event in NoHo a few months ago and learn about writing about superheroes and the power of mythology in modern literature, and it was probably the most pleasing lecture I’ve been able to attend in a while (and certainly one where I didn’t have to worry about elbowing my way into an opportunity; always a thankful reprieve.) Chris Farley and Sarwat Chadda had excellent chemistry, one warm and calm and the other brasher and hilarious, and it was interesting to hear Chadda’s take on racism in Britain as the issue of race encompasses so much in the US, not to mention I missed missed missed informed discussion about mythology. Absolutely missed it.

I believe the PEN organization is one that deserves to be bolstered by the public, and the fellowship program is a fantastic opportunity that would be amazing to provide to someone talented and passionate.

PEN Center USA initiated Emerging Voices as a literary mentorship program designed to launch potential professional writers from minority, immigrant, and other underrepresented communities. The program has now evolved into an eight-month writing fellowship for writers who lack access to a traditional writing education for those who seek financial and creative support.

I think the only loyalty I’ve never wavered in was my loyalty to the literary community and I hope this project goes through!

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