A schnoodle is a domestic dog breed and a cross between a schnauzer and a poodle. It can be fluffy or wiry depending on whose coat it inherited.

And oh my god sometimes it looks like this:

The schnauzer can be affectionate, naturally protective, intelligent and strong-willed; the poodle is often clever, active, and excels in obedience training. Schnoodles may inherit any combination of intelligence, personality, temper and protective nature of the parent breeds. They make good pets and are often devoted and affectionate to their family. Like both parent breeds, schnoodles are usually active dogs and are impressive runners and jumpers; regular exercise and activity are necessary components of their lives.

And normally I wouldn’t care this much because although I love puppies of all shapes and sizes, I’m most partial to chow chows, rottweilers, bulldogs, and pugs, but my boyfriend’s actually getting a schnoodle! I’ll post pictures and squee and copy and paste more facts from Wikipedia when the puppy is chosen and picked up.

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