Ineke A-H: Balmy Days & Sundays

I’ve never seen Paperman, and I really want to now. This is some gorgeous music.

Christophe Beck’s Paperman, by Camden Tilley

Balmy Days & Sundays

Wet: Lime, honeysuckle, rose, musk
Dry: lime, honeysuckle, angel slippers, rose, musk, oakmoss

I don’t know what type of musk Ineke uses, but the scents are all so soapy on me. This one’s a little less so, and the oakmoss I think really helps to counter the weird, soapy musk. The notes online don’t indicate any sort of citrus, but the lime for me is front and center, though I don’t know what freesia smells like. It reminds me of times on the slip and slide, the squashed grass and mud mixing with the smell of detergent or bubble soap or whatever was mixed into the water to give it a slick quality, but it’s definitely cleaner and prettier, as if we were engaging in the activity in a field of wildflowers.

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