Warning: This is a rant post.

First, watch this video.

I swear David So gets my blood to boiling point. Anyway. My mom and I were actually discussing this in the car the other day when she was driving me to the train station, so this is going to be doubly irritated-sounding.

Let me first just list all the places that me, my family, and my friends have been discriminated against in/while using (that I’ve actually so gotten upset at and taken personally and so still remember, because I let a lot of things slide):

  • Stage Left in New Brunswick, NJ
  • OCabanon in Midtown/Chelsea, NY
  • A random store on the boardwalk of Wildwood Beach, NJ
  • Several airlines whose names I don’t all remember (but China Airlines, a subset of Delta, and I think Air India are of those many whose service members have been a mixed bag of meh and ugh)
  • The Kia Dealer in Denville, NJ (has since redeemed itself a little, figures that it took another minority to do so and years after the car was purchased)

Most of the above are ageist/socioeconomic offenses, probably because I’ve had so many race-based negative encounters that they don’t even register anymore. I’m sorry I look like I’m 18? You should be treating me like a paying customer regardless. I’ve worked food service and customer service and I understand the frustration that comes with the job, but if you’re giving me the stink eye for doing literally nothing but sit down, or ignore me for 20 minutes because you don’t think I’ll purchase alcohol, then I feel like I can gladly say that you’re a terrible waiter/host/manager and should get over yourself. And what does “you can’t afford an upgrade” even supposed to mean? We’re on an airplane, already in the damn air with tons of empty space up in first class, and everyone is wearing sweatpants.

And Mr. I don’t even remember your name, short, dark-haired, piece of grease, you’re not going to get me on my side by ignoring, and then subtly insulting my father talking directly to you and then calling me “sweetheart” in an attempt to get me to help you change his mind. Who actually thinks this works? You have to have some mental blockages this day and age to think anyone would react positively to that.

But I also wanted to talk about all of the absolutely ridiculous employers, teachers, and random customer service in my life that took my ethnic name and decided I didn’t speak English, or would take shit, before I spoke. I don’t demure like that. Do you want me to like you and give you a good rating/buy your product? If you’re a teacher or professor and you don’t nip racist comments in the bud, I’ll either drop your class or send you an email telling you I’m sending out a complaint. Screw your tenure, I will unabashedly make sure people know what you’ll stand for. Your call. If you’re assuming I don’t speak English and it’s apparently enough of an issue, why am I here for the interview. My name and ethnicity should almost never be part of the class discussion, or relevant to what you’re selling me.

Don’t insult me thinking I either wouldn’t understand or I’d take it, because apparently that’s what Asians do. We don’t.

I don’t.

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