Let’s start those reviews again

Mr. Chokkattu purchased me a Penhaligon’s gift set for Christmas (among other things, the sweet man) so I thought I’d start writing reviews again, starting with the adorable little stopper jars in the box.


I’m excited to start writing those reviews again. Honestly, I’m just excited that I’ve found the energy to write again. It makes me anxious when I can’t just pour anything out. For a while the reserve seemed so empty I couldn’t even drag out a shitty poem or a crappy story or some dumb essay or prose. I’m hoping I’ll be able to make these perfume reviews entertaining. Of course, after the gift set, I’ll have to write a creepy love letter to Andre Gooren and write about all the stuff he sent me home with after Portland, as well as eventually get to editing more of the pictures from France. Some time. Welp.


Anyway, from left to right: Artemisia, Empressa, Halfeti, Iris Prima, and Vaara, and I’ll be posting the reviews in that order as well hopefully starting sometime this week.

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!

P.S. My Christmas SOTD was L’Artisan Tea for Two.

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