Ellis Brooklyn Myth Review

I think it’s that citrus-y and herbaceous bergamot on top of the cassis that makes this one almost scrumptious, or at least very tangible on the tongue.

Myth is “Bergamot, cassis and jasmine petals makes a first impression before lingering with patchouli, liquid musks and white cedarwood.”


It doesn’t matter that pineapple and mango and melon aren’t listed as notes. Whatever the cassis was supposed to provide turns into a way more tropical fruity note. Like a mango or melon Hi-Chew. Myth smells like a twist on a mimosa with the brunchiest, Instagram-friendly accouterments: sunshine, lily petals strewn around the base of the glass and a few thrown in the glass itself for good measure, served on a coaster because the wood for table that was chosen doesn’t actually hold up to the function it was purchased to serve.

It kind of reminds me of Dough Doughnuts‘ hibiscus donuts, but more for the overall aesthetic and floral implication than the flavor.


Image of said doughnut from the Dough Doughnuts website.

Fruity, floral, warm, and comforting. Very feminine and smells just a little “clean” (read: soapy.) Super balanced, and a very put-together fragrance that doesn’t smell like anything real, but has lots of references to familiar, recognizable things. It has a nostalgic vibe, much like an actual myth can have. It doesn’t quite hearken to “times of old”, because “times of old” generally had more dirt, grit, and BO, but definitely to “times of standing at the cosmetics counter but being way too short to see very much and being pat on the head by kind older ladies.” Maybe it’s less gilded than a holy cup, but I think the myth of the small-town sales attendant is just as poignant. That’s what I get out of Myth.

The projection and staying power is also pretty excellent. It stays right on top of the skin even after sleeping in it. I wouldn’t say it’s groundbreaking or exciting, but it’s very pleasant.

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