Perfumed Personalities

A couple of years ago I wrote 6 Scents 6 Selves after taking the 16 Personalities quiz, which is an illustrated, and more fun version of the Myers-Brigg test. Not only did I, for some reason, only focus on “masculine” and unisex fragrances, I read back my choices and some of them have me scratching my head.

I’m an ENTP, aka the Debater, aka I’m like, really annoying and my moral backbone is very flexible.

So I’m going to revitalize this idea as a series. You know how YouTube lets you “premiere” videos now (so confusing to the Chromecast user honestly.)? Well this is the premiere. An introduction of sorts.

First, I’m going to choose 3 fragrances for each personality, without any particular regard to the marketed gender associated.

I plan to not only go through and give little reviews on each fragrance, but actually talk about why I think I got a match, something I barely did in my first post. I may or may not split them into male-female-unisex but even if I decide to do that, that won’t necessarily mean 3 separate fragrances per “gender”; just so that female readers won’t think I’m ignoring them like in my first post in this theme. I’m going to split the posts into the different categories 16 Personalities put people into: Analysts, Diplomat, Sentinels, and Explorers and from there break it down further.

If I feel up to it I might tie in some Myers-Brigg trivia, or a short story, or something else to shake up the post. We’ll see. I have a stretch of free time coming up that will be a lot easier if I can dedicate myself to a bit of writing, but we’ll see what happens.

Should be fun. Since Brooklyn Ellis reviews are going to be posted on Tuesdays, I’m going to try to keep these to Fridays.

Not that anyone particularly cares when I post these, because I have like no audience. But! Accountability is important to productivity so Fridays it is.

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