Diptyque L’Eau Papier

I was recently in SoHo where the sales attendants were very nice to me and Tobu. Tobu really liked the Prince St store, which he decided after getting in the way several times. One of the attendants was so kind to tell me about L’Eau Papier, in stores very shortly in March, and handed me a sample.

It’s actually not really up my alley to wear, but it’s really a solid rendition of a wearable paper scent and I felt inspired to write about it a little, and maybe you, like me, will want to spritz it onto books you’re currently reading or on your journal or daily notebook. I believe it’s meant to pair with the Mimosa candle, considering its note breakdown, so just something to consider if you plan on purchasing.

Let’s start by saying that it has a similar throw and permanence that the scent of paper does. Mimosa is the main character, pressed between powdery musks and something I’m reading as nutmeg and cardamom. It has the texture of a light, near-skin scent, but it actually projects pretty well for an inoffensive powdery fragrance. It’s similar to the way you likely can’t describe and would forget how your office smells once you leave it, but upon re-entering, it’s noticeable and familiar again. It also calls to mind the scent of natural fading, like the smell of the vamp of a child’s old pointe shoe left in view of a very sunny window.

Like I mentioned previously, for me this is more atmospheric than something I’d wear. I think in general these last three Diptyque releases were a little powder-room for my taste; Opsis felt similarly atmospheric to me, and Rose was honestly just unsurprising.

But if you’re curious and have some time, they’ll be online and in stores extremely soon! I was only told March, and can’t seem to find more specific dates, but maybe make a visit to the site or a store tomorrow if you want it before Spring.

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