New York State’s Minimum Age to Charge Juveniles is 7 Years Old

I thought about reviving my blog with another fragrance review. Something nice, light, fun, topical even. In fact, I attended a Zoom sniffing of the Ulrich Lang line with Sniffapalooza just last night and while it’s always fun, I was actually very impressed by the frags themselves, which is not always the case. In fact, I put Anvers back on this morning because it’s cloudy and rainy in New York, and Anvers feels like I’m putting on a really nice jacket, and I have my window open on Beautyhabit’s pay page because I’m very seriously considering purchasing APSU.

Unfortunately Twitter had another idea this morning, as this link came across my feed:

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Thief with a Conscience

Thief with a Conscience

We’re not talking Robin Hood and the livelihoods of the poor here; we’re talking a man who victimized children and teenagers and videotaped it for posterity being brought to justice by a home invader. The guy even reported his house broken into, but obviously didn’t mention the tapes.

It’s a pretty delicious bit of justice and irony, I think. Also, the burglar was pretty smart about how he turned the tapes in.