Busy bee be real. Lots of things that have happened in the past week or so, so let’s start from the top!


1) I got a job! I work for FindSpark in Partner Sales and Community Development. Yay meaningful work! I’ve already done a bit of little things here and there during my training including this blog post: 5 Quotes from Shakeshack CEO Danny Meyer to Inspire Your Professional Journey

and more importantly, I’d like to push the FindSpark Fashion Conference happening this Saturday from 10AM-5PM! Read More

“We Just Can’t Have You Here”

“We Just Can’t Have You Here”

This describes why I am going to wait until I have a larger, and steady income to get treatment for myself.

My freshman year went down about the same way, except I’m not a self-harmer, so the events manifested themselves differently. I was pushed out of my room, and then pushed out entirely. I kind of wish I cared more, in a way, about the school like the author did. I guess it’s better that I never created an attachment to it though, because what happened just made me angry, and didn’t devastate me.