Twisted Lily Haul: My Favorites

Before I begin, I will say that these are probably my current favorite fragrances, and thank you Twisted Lily for introducing me to Apoketer Tepe (though I wish I could stroll into Harlem and talk to the source, but perhaps that’s an ambition for another day) Apoketer Tepe’s After the Flood is a new darling, but I have no idea what took me so long to write about L’Artisan’s Tea for Two. They remind me of the best quiet emotions of spring and autumn. Having one on each wrist brings me some odd solace that only makes sense if you’re as obsessed as I am about the physical portrayals of transitions as a literary motif.


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Finally, my kind of summer music

Let’s listen to more of my favorite songs, yes? Yes. Yessssss.

By the way, if you love Rather Be by Clean Bandits feat. Jess Glynne as much as I do, you should check out the video:

It’s based on one of their biggest fans who reported having hallucinations of the band and being unable to sleep until they finally saw them in concert. I think it’s brilliant.

Now, the on to more sustenance: