Rudimental in the states, and other updates

On Tuesday night, I got to see my favorite music group and Ed Sheeran on stage together (for like $35!) the other night which was all kinds of amazing.

I cannot even believe I had forgotten to pre-order the new album. Lucky for me, the release date was pushed back for some reason, so I put in my pre-order today! Rudimental is still the only band I have ever pre-ordered an album for. I need to figure out a way to flatten the free posters they were giving out. The concert was a crash course of Rudimental for Mr. Chokkattu, who so kindly accompanied me on this fabulous night.

Some clips from the night!

Speaking of Mr. Chokkattu, he and I celebrated our 6-month anniversary with a little feast:

That’s a wuss-augmented bowl of Samyang Fire Ramyun (for Mr. Chokkattu; I ate mine the right way earlier), and yes, we did put Nutella on the fries, burgers, and goldfish, and it was good.

I’m finally making my way through my first Murakami book (purchased in Iceland because we were in a book store and I had to) and I love it. Dance Dance Dance┬áis such a fun trip, and I get excited to go on public transportation now because it’s an excuse to crack it open and keep traveling in the story. He’s a little off his rocker, and it’s excellent. In the wings: all of the books I bought for the sci-fi lit class I dropped!

I’ve also started working again and finally have a little cash in the coffers. It’s mostly freelance for now, but I’ve been applying and interviewing and fingers crossed for a place to finally call “the beginning of my career”, or whatever antiquated phrase you want to apply here. I enjoy freelancing and having my freedom, but I would really love to start being part of a team again. That’s my main, real, motivation; to have a consistent team to collaborate with. And of course, I want to be able to save enough to move out, but honestly, I really just want to work with people and on projects on a day-to-day basis again.

I am slowly but surely working on fragrance reviews, and expect to see a little piece about Chinatown soon!

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