Charlotte Royale Cake

It’s absolutely gorgeous.

For some reason, I’ve been really fond of “naked” cakes lately. Ones that aren’t perfectly covered in a thick layer of frosting or icing, that really reveal the texture of the cake. I’ve never been really fond of thick frosting or icing in the first place, and I prefer the stabilized whipped cream they put on Chinese-style chiffon cakes with the chestnut/red bean mousse (the best stuff), melon balls and strawberries, and I want to eat it with the cake, because by itself it’s just weird.

The Rise of the Gourmand

Here’s Why Women Want To Smell Like Dessert

You might not know the term, but everyone’s smelled a gourmand before. Just step into Bath and Body Works for titles like “Warm Vanilla Sugar” and “Winter Candy Apple” to get a sense of the category. Gourmands are fragrances reminiscent of sweet foods, like desserts.

This category is still a fairly tween/teenager-run show, but I haven’t necessarily seen a big change in what people like as I’ve gotten older. Now I buy Philosophy gifts for my friends instead of Bath and Body Works sets, but they still have names like “Vanilla Birthday Cake”, “Almond Glazed”, and “Sugary Cinnamon Icing.”

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