Zoologist Perfumes Review: Rhinoceros

I apologize in advance. This one ends a little weird.

Rhinoceros Eau de Parfum

Zoologist Perfumes

Wet: leather, tobacco, rum
Dry: leather, sage, vetiver, smoke, oud, ginger

I kind of want to bite my arm now. Something about the bitterness of it taps the back of my throat and makes my mouth water. It doesn’t even necessarily smell like it would taste good. I just want to taste it. The rum at the beginning was sharp and obvious, and it left quickly, which is good because I wasn’t trying to smell like an alcoholic, though it was interesting while it was there. Now it smells like new leather, not broken in yet. It’s definitely a hot, shimmering smell, but I can’t identify any of the flowers or the sweet sandalwood so much as they add the shimmering dimension, I think. It makes me feel the way oppressing heat does. I still want to eat my arm. Okay I kissed it. I’m now mildly turned on and my lips taste like soap. And I totally get the flowers now.

At this point I sprayed my arms with Demeter’s Beeswax and gave them a scrub as to smell less like I was in a threesome and more like I’m a weird scent lady. The consequences of which are much less harsh, as my roommates will then only rib me for being obsessive and not grill me on whom I slept with while they were out of the room. Beaver takes it on, while Rhinoceros absolutely swallows it. This is probably because Beaver was on my skin longer, as I did the reviews two hours apart. The Beeswax kills the castoreum and cleans up the scent a ton. Rhinoceros isn’t affected in the least. I think maybe the floral pokes its head out a tiny bit more, but I could just be imagining it.

Daybreaker Party Halloween!



Today I said good bye to sleep and hello to…morning?

That’s right. I left at 5AM for a 6AM party on a boat in New York City filled with EDM music, costumes, juices, coconut water, tea, coffee, and KIND bars. And it was brilliant. There was a newscast from Univision talking to Spanish-speaking guests. CBC 2 was there, I think, and some other news channels as well.


The sunrise was gorgeous, and the boat took us past lower Manhattan to near the Statue of Liberty. There was a helicopter taking air shots and showing off above, and the sun gave everything this rich glow that I haven’t seen in months of sleeping in. All of the food provided was decidedly healthy; veggie juices, juices with chia seeds, Runa drinks, Chameleon Coldbrew, protein shakes, coconut water, and AMAzon coconut water/tea drinks (I linked the brands I remembered!) The only solid food I could find were the KIND bars, which was considered pretty healthy as well. I think they were helping sponsor, or had an ad spot because they weren’t just set on a table with everything else, and someone was physically handing them out.

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ZOMGSmells: Dr. Zomg’s Fulminator Argentine review

Just got my ZOMGSmells package of 2ml bottles of Spice Hypatia and Vory vs. Zarkony; two of my absolute favorite scents of theirs! But this post is not about those, no sirree. Holly and Ariel also included three squees I haven’t tried and I’m really excited to try them!

Dr. Zomg’s Fulminator Argentine
Squee 1
Wet: nutmeg, clove, cardamom, pepper, orange, myrrh,
Dry-down: sage, candied violet, orange, myrrh, sage
From afar: nutmeg, clove, cardamom, orange
Longevity: This is an essential oil mix so it’s going to last quite some time just on principle.

I really like how it starts out. Really spicy and rich with a lift from the orange and a powdered sugar type sweetness from the myrrh. I didn’t get any sage, though I would have wanted to. It’s fairly sweet and tasty at this point and I would probably wear it to class.

I didn’t quite enjoy how it dried and ended. It lost the majority of its deeper cardamom qualities and the cardamom’s settled to a base note with the myrrh and orange on top and it creates this fake grape smell that I don’t really enjoy. At one point the sage pops up and makes the fake grape scent a little more interesting, but for the most part, all I can smell is Sweet Tarts ground into a powder. Although strangely, this is only when I push my nose up close.

From a distance, the cardamom and orange reign over the other spices and is back at the balance I liked. Though as it fades again, it reverts back to fake grape. What is this sorcery??

Overall an interesting scent. I would have considered wearing it to class at the beginning, but it’s too sweet and powdery for me. It’s a fun and sweet scent, and candy fiends who are into pressed sugar candy would probably enjoy it a lot 😀