Smelly messages!

Of All the Scents to Send International, the Macaron

…but communal oPhones will be available to the public at the American Museum of Natural History for three consecutive weekends starting July 12. Other “hotspots,” as Edwards is calling them, will be located in Paris and Cambridge, Massachusetts, so that anyone who has used oSnap (free on iTunes) will be able to upload photos and smell them.

Of All the Scents to Send International, the Macaron

Oh my god I’m so excited. The first scents they transmitted from Paris to New York via iPhone was a glass of champagne and a Pierre Hermé passion fruit macaron. That sounds heavenly! Do want.

And if you want need a contraption for yourself at home, consider contributing to the oPhone Indiegogo!

Personally, I think I’m just going to visit the museum and hope people don’t break it before I get there. And meanwhile, I’m going to go seek out a lesser macaron. And perhaps a glass of champagne.

Since I don’t wear rings…

Since I don’t wear rings…

When I get married, I want this. I’m not all that into sparkles at all so diamonds just don’t hold appeal for me. On the other hand, The Box is all of the metaphor and symbolism and emotion-triggering that I would want in a sentimental gift from someone I would want to be with forever. Every scent would be a reminder of a moment we had or would have together. Plus, with so many scents, I likely won’t run out of them before I can pass it to my child and explain to them mommy’s weird obsession with smelly things!

This isn’t the only collection that would make me happy. There are so many awesome fragrance blends and single accords out there that any small collection would likely get me excited. Smell is one of the slowest-processing memories we make, it lasts longer. Any scent that makes an emotional impact sticks with you. I don’t think that many people can say the same about a sparkle.

Unfortunately for me, and the guy whom I may marry one day, it’s really expensive. More expensive than a lot of rings for sure. If it was a wedding present from my parents or a bunch of friends pooled together for it, that would be alright too, heh 😀 *winknudge*

(Also, you can totally get me gift certificates in the meantime :D…)