Security vs. Privacy: Telecoms & Apple

The first time I had thought about security and privacy beyond skimming the paranoid rustlings of people on internet forums was when a team and I won an AT&T case competition with the issue of using Big Data pitching an idea similar to something that the company actually rolled out within months of the end of the competition. Link to the Prezi we presented, names removed.

We were pretty proud of ourselves, generally ignoring our fellow peers when they made the case that the bulk of our idea was nothing less than an illusory tactic. The ones that tried to come up with cloud solutions and more technical advancements were especially miffed that what won that competition was essentially a huge marketing campaign, though as a marketing major, all I can really say about that is “well, they bought it.” Read More

Life Update

Things I wanted to mention about my life:

– Finally getting off my ass and applying to jobs. I feel like I’ll be able to pick up the pace soon. Revved for success and all that jazz. My current desire to use all of the buzzy idioms I know is indicative of this mindset change. Also, I finally care about school this year after like, a month and a half of being here. Maybe it’s because I’m getting closer to the balance I want. I have to set a few more boundaries, and maybe let a few more things go, but overall I’m less stressed than I was earlier this year.

– I want to start making music again, effective immediately when I have time. The last piece I finished was last year, and that’s depressing.

– I’m getting a new phone soon, thank god. I am increasingly feeling unable to deal with my phone, especially since I’m expected to constantly be connected. My boyfriend wants me to get the Moto G, and I actually really like it so I might do that.


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Smelly messages!

Of All the Scents to Send International, the Macaron

…but communal oPhones will be available to the public at the American Museum of Natural History for three consecutive weekends starting July 12. Other “hotspots,” as Edwards is calling them, will be located in Paris and Cambridge, Massachusetts, so that anyone who has used oSnap (free on iTunes) will be able to upload photos and smell them.

Of All the Scents to Send International, the Macaron

Oh my god I’m so excited. The first scents they transmitted from Paris to New York via iPhone was a glass of champagne and a Pierre Hermé passion fruit macaron. That sounds heavenly! Do want.

And if you want need a contraption for yourself at home, consider contributing to the oPhone Indiegogo!

Personally, I think I’m just going to visit the museum and hope people don’t break it before I get there. And meanwhile, I’m going to go seek out a lesser macaron. And perhaps a glass of champagne.