Life Update

Things I wanted to mention about my life:

– Finally getting off my ass and applying to jobs. I feel like I’ll be able to pick up the pace soon. Revved for success and all that jazz. My current desire to use all of the buzzy idioms I know is indicative of this mindset change. Also, I finally care about school this year after like, a month and a half of being here. Maybe it’s because I’m getting closer to the balance I want. I have to set a few more boundaries, and maybe let a few more things go, but overall I’m less stressed than I was earlier this year.

– I want to start making music again, effective immediately when I have time. The last piece I finished was last year, and that’s depressing.

– I’m getting a new phone soon, thank god. I am increasingly feeling unable to deal with my phone, especially since I’m expected to constantly be connected. My boyfriend wants me to get the Moto G, and I actually really like it so I might do that.


– I stopped reading for fun for a while, which is why I’m taking Politics and Literature, but I also want to get back into the habit of reading for fun and for myself. Right now I’m reading Whistling Vivaldi by Claude M. Steele about stereotypes and I’m sure I’ll post something about it soon. I’m also going to buy more fragrance literature and start Dune, which has been been moving from table to table just to sit since I got it from the Casper guys.

– I want to make a vested effort to get healthy. It helps that my roommate seems to also want to get healthy, and that one of my suitemates buys lots of healthy things with the intention of eating it all and never does, which is great only because then I don’t have to buy my own healthy things all the time. Also everyone around me is going through a juice craze it seems. Might as well join in.

– There have been a lot of things that have felt freeing for me, like being more discerning about what I do for fun. I’m not going to do as many things I’m unsure about just because I want to go do something. And I’ve been trying that out and it’s been great so far. I don’t know why I used to feel like I was missing the world if I missed any event. I want to do more things of value to me, even if I have to do it alone. Especially if I have to do it alone.

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