You’ve never been to a concert before?

Nope. I think when I was younger Avril Lavigne was playing at a state fair and my dad might have snuck me in for a bit. That doesn’t count. I kind of went to see Janelle Monae in Prospect Park when she was doing that $5 concert, but we were really late, and then my friends wanted to fuck around outside so I didn’t actually get in, so much as hang out in the park with them while she played.

Buuut I’m going to see Block B this Sunday! I’m super excited about that too 😀 I should go listen to some Block B stuff so that I’m not totally confused at the concert…I might even bother to learn a fanchant.

Not that after watching that I was any less confused. Ah well. It was fun, I do like Block B :3

If my parents don’t insist I stay home and do nothing, for my birthday I’m going to do EDX at Webster Hall, so I’ll drop something for that here too!

And in the fall…

I’m in love with this band. I actually pre-ordered their first album that came out last year. I don’t buy physical CDs and haven’t since I was like 13.

I’m hoping to see them in NYC in the fall. My boyfriend promised he’d buy tickets and I can pay him back later.I really, really hope we get the tickets. I would be the happiest thing, seriously.

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