Things about scents

Mockingbird by C-91

  • I learned today from an executive from Marriott that Marriott owns Bvlgari. I didn’t know that before today, and I’m still kind of getting used to the information. I don’t know why it’s so weird to me. But it kind of makes me want to stay in a Marriott hotel more, because their tea fragrances are some of my favorites, so I guess +1 to Marriott. (Also, their international digital marketing strategies are amazing. I knew China was a mobile-focused country, but I didn’t know about the constant-scroll preference. I also had no idea Germany doesn’t like scrolling. I really want to work with Marriott now, and I’ve never really given the company a serious thought.)

    Also, Westin’s White Tea scent is really nice. When I get a place, I’m thinking I’ll buy the diffuser. It’s just very gentle and IMO, encourages focus. The last time I went to a Westin was for a focus group/consumer good study dealing with pillows and sheets, and I didn’t fall asleep.

  • Oh my goodness, LUSH’s Flying Fox smells like what I want to smell like constantly. Jasmine flowers dipped in clover honey. Or like jasmine green tea with a dollop of buckwheat honey. Seriously, we were only supposed to buy things for my boyfriend’s hair and skin problems. Which we did; Imperialis face cream, Soak and Float shampoo, and Jungle conditioner, which is funny, because I had no idea I was buying Jungle until the counter lady handed us the bag. Consequences for letting my boyfriend talk to the sales associates by himself, I guess. But yeah. Flying Fox is superb and I washed with it today and it made my junky dorm bathroom smell like heaven for an hour.
  • Osmanthus Interdite by Parfum d’Empire and Osmanthus by The Different Company are my two scent loves right now. I got them in the Surrender to Chance’s Beautiful Osmanthus set.

    Osmanthus Interdite is more serious, and I wear it at the business school and for business/career development events. My boyfriend really likes it, I think. He couldn’t pinpoint it, but I was wearing it over the weekend for the first time and he told me I smelled delicious. It’s interesting, because Osmanthus Interdite is the more floral smell to me. The suede and musk keep it dark (read: serious) but the flowers all rise to the top for me. The apricot reads like berry to me, but a floral berry, on the plant, and not ready for harvesting yet.

    The Different Co.’s Osmanthus is more playful. Sweeter. Bright and citrus-y, and when I’m just going out for a day or dinner or for the one class I don’t have in the business school, that’s what I put on. I would personally describe it as “delicious” though I guess it doesn’t make that much of an impact on my boyfriend. It makes me feel bubbly and cheerful, or at least that I should try to bubbly and cheerful while wearing it. For some reason, it reminds me of Italian food. Like if it were a wine, Italian food would be a good pairing.

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