Ineke A-H: Evening Edged in Gold

I learned the piano for this song when I was younger. Still in my head!

The Hush Sound’s Lighthouse by Michael Williams (Piano only)

Evening Edged in Gold

Wet: wine, plum, mahogany
Dry: plum, apricot, dusty flowers, sandalwood, leather

Mm, no soap in this one, and perhaps it’s because I was doing my homework while sipping a merlot, but this was a lovely pairing; both slightly sweet, the perfume sweeter, but both plummy, with a little bit of a bite. At first the image in my head was a tragically spilled glass of wine ruining some gloves on an expensive desk. It changed after a while into a woman eating fragrant pit fruits with her gloves still on over the same expensive desk, which is not really the appropriate table to be eating dripping fruit on. Which I guess it the point; it’s just a little inappropriate. And I like it. I may be biased since I’m a brunette, but this is a brunette lover’s scent through and through. Brunette, dark gem colors, hooded eyelids.

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