Ineke A-H: Derring-Do

Something light and fairly cheerful today!


Wet: water, grapefruit, vetiver, pepper
Dry: pepper, cedar, water, fern, flower stalk

Derring-Do doesn’t smell like soap! I’m so happy. With the cedar and the aquatic notes I get from this, it seems like more of a masculine scent, if only because these are notes marketed within the male fragrance sphere. It’s warm and a little sweet from the floral and pepper notes, and while it’s a little complex right up to the nose, it’s fairly harmless from afar. Like an every man’s kind of scent, and not in a bad way. This would be quite welcome in an office full of Acqua di Gio and Ralph Lauren, but it probably wouldn’t really stand out. It’s warm and clean, and a scent that’s comfortable and inviting. Perhaps this would be best on a young man wearing a navy blue sweater vest.

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