Warby Parker Home Try-On


Warby Parker is a NYC-based eyewear brand focused on design and, like some very notable brands (Stella & Dot, Greycork, Casper) aims to cut out the middle man and to provide affordable eyewear that’s convenient to try out, via their home try-on. All of their frames are made with either metal or cellulose acetate, a natural plastic made from purified cellulose (trees, essentially) and all of the designs are created in-house.

Their secondary goal seems to be charity, and they partner with non-profits such as VisionSpring and donate (money?) monthly to them after tallying that month’s sales. I wish they had written more details about this particular bit, because as it stands, the wording on that page is a little vague, and gorgeous video and pictures don’t offer company affect statistics.

But still, I gave in. Too much Youtube and personal peer pressure. Photographs belong to a certain Mr. Chokkattu, and yes I am trying so very hard to be an eyewear model in these pictures don’t judge me.

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The Winston and Sullivan look adorable in pictures, but they cover half my face and look ridiculous in person. And the Sibley pulls my eyes too close together. It’s kind of weird. I think I might try a few more on before I make my choice, but my personal favorites are the Seymour and the Verne.

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