Daybreaker & the Beach

Mr. Chokkattu, Bloo (my stuffed representation of the real dog Boo), and I had quite an eventful last Thursday.

We attended Thursday’s Daybreaker at Cielo on Little West 12th for a morning pick-me-up because apparently that’s good for you.

Morning nosh consisted of Mamma Chia, KIND, Zico, AMAZON (the coconut/tea combination drink, not the online retailing monster), an energy tea brand and an herbal coffee brand whose names I don’t recall at this moment. Very tasty, very healthy, very…liquidy. I enjoyed the Mamma Chia Squeezes, Mr. Chokkattu was wary of the texture but preferred the Green Magic flavor over the Blackberry flavor, which I preferred. Live music, intense vogueing, and a surprise cello performance.

We ended with a positive mantra, and a few words from Atlas, for whom the party was held as a fundraiser for. Atlas is an incubator of education, empowerment, and community for undocumented youth and their allies. I am all for the education of children of all backgrounds; it’s a much better alternative than pretending they don’t exist.

Anyway, afterwards, Mr. Chokkattu and I bought way too many snacks (Wise Ridgies Pickle Chips are amazing, as are Snyder’s Pretzels), made sandwiches, and headed to the beach.

The water was a little too cold, but everything else was warm and fuzzy.

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