Michelle Phan’s Fall Lookbook and smelly things

First of all, this is the most creative approach to a video lookbook I’ve ever seen anyone do, though I admittedly don’t look at a lot of people’s lookbooks so that might not mean much. Still, Michelle’s been one of my top YouTube loves since I was 11 so I’m fine supporting.

I’m currently sitting in a Starbucks enjoying my small coffee-priced WiFi and electric connection and feeling happy I put on Westbrook instead of the TF Plum Japonais that is slightly inappropriate for the warm autumn day. Westbrook has always struck me as rather creamy and sweet and it’s happily not at all at odds with the overwhelming scent of cinnamon and the ubiquitous pumpkin spice in this place.

I just got my 4160Tuesdays and Carthusia samples from Surrender to Chance, and now I’m just waiting on one little sample of D’Orsay Dandy to arrive. I’m sincerely hoping my freelancing checks get here soon, and I’m hoping the super delayed Internet Week check is the correct amount, and that I get my check for the PGA tour before I go to Photoville this Friday (if you’re in the area, step out for Photoville! It’s fun and free, and the Brooklyn Bridge view is gorgeous at all points of the day.) I’ve kind of hit a rut with my writing in terms of the Imaginary Authors posts, which I’m sure will dissipate soon once I can breathe. I did drop two unnecessary classes the other day, so I think those will get churned out soon. I still have a few fragsplits I wanted to review, as well as my favorites among the stuff I’ve purchased for Mr. Chokkattu. Ah, I kind of wish I didn’t like cramming so much into my week, but anything less makes me feel really listless and unmotivated. Clearly, I have no idea what balance is supposed to look like.

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