House of Matriarch Blackbird

Blackbird was created by Christi Meshell and first came out in 2012. It has since amassed a cult following. House of Matriarch has also gathered similar praise, as it went on to win so many awards I think it would just be easier for everyone if you just clicked above for their website.

But Blackbird: Niche leather! Oud! Cannabis! All of the hype flavors on one train. Rave reviews, including one gentleman I recall reading the reaction of who didn’t necessarily see the pleasure of wearing fragrance until he smelled this on a friend of his. So I was glad when a friend recommended we try this one together. I’m a little late to the hype train, I do live on the other side of the US after all, but I figure this stuff probably has a mild following so I’m not too far behind.


Well let’s give it a go shall we?

  • Wet: pine, fir, smoke
  • Dry: fir, ash, smoke, black pepper, oud, pine, leather, cannabis flower, cannabis smoke

I’ll be honest and say I went into this one thinking it was supposed to be a leather. I don’t think it’s supposed to be a leather anymore. This is an oud; a really nice one too, and I don’t particular care for ouds. This one’s quick to open up from woody menthol and smoke to a host of smoldering tree trunks. Dry wood. I don’t think I get the cannabis smell necessarily but when I inhale it does mimic the sensation of sucking in the smoke from a blunt. A little peppery and spicy, a slight floral lining, the throat-drying sensation.

It’s very warm; my room is freezing and it feels like my wrist is slightly inflamed, and it’s very pleasant. It doesn’t fade into powdery or resinous nothingness either; it keeps its forest-wood-on-a-winter-night vibe and lasts hours with a medium sillage, and probably days stuck to the skin if you let it. Wear it when you’re trying to affect a wood nymph or water nympth, or a hunter who’s just set out. Wear it if you’re a fan of strolling through dark wooded forests or are at least a fan of the idea, even if the thought of doing it actually scares you. It’s not my type, but it’s nearly everyone else’s, so I wouldn’t worry too much about that.

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