Google’s Year in Search 2015

What a lovely video! Touched on a lot of the very interesting things that happened this year.

I will say I flinched a little when I realized who the speaker was, because of who she is but I guess there are no perfect victims. (Except, like, Malala. She’s pretty close to a perfect victim.)

Her presence has undeniably helped to further the exposure, progression, and acceptance of transgendered and nongendered individuals, especially from the generation that knew Bruce Jenner, the Olympic athlete praised for his masculinity. That almost makes having her the spokeswoman worth it. I’ll concede that it was an amazing speech.

I feel like they should have placed the Confederate Flag ordeal closer in the chronology to the Black Lives Matter Movement. Cutting it to #JusticeforCecil and the Mad Men season finale seems…honestly demeaning. both of those were very important to people this year but ah, that placement was odd. Not a fan. They should have placed those two near their clips of the argument about the dress, or near the little clip of the Whip and Nae nae, both of which were really great, fun moments in pop culture that I’m glad were touched on.

Haha, ouch, nothing for Ronda Rousey and a clip for Holly Holm; obviously this was edited after that big take down this year.

All in all, a really touching video. I think though, that it’ll prove, as it did in the YouTube comments and upvote/downvote ratio, a little divisive because of the criticisms I put above, plus some from those who dissent with a lot of the ideas presented in the video. It was an interesting year indeed. I can’t wait until 2016!


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