Happy New Years + Quebec City Day 1

Happy New Year everyone! I hope your celebrations went well.

We decided to go visit Edgewater and see if we could get a glimpse of the NYC fireworks this year, as well as get shabu-shabu. The display wasn’t as big as we had hoped, but the food was good and we were in good company.

IMG_20160101_240421940 (2)

We then drove off to Canada, final destination Quebec City! We stopped by in Montreal for breakfast. Shout-out to the two random guys in a car that offered me weed. I appreciate the sentiment, hope you had a great New Year’s. I did not accept, by the way. We stopped into Second Cup before heading off again.

I fell asleep while we made the rest of the way towards Quebec City. We were still way too early for check-in when we got there so we made our way to the National Museum of Fine Arts, aka Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec.

Some of my favorite stuff:

Then we took a walk around Old Quebec. Old Quebec is considered the most European of cities in North America apparently, and reminded me of the streets of Germany and Belgium I remember walking through when I visited as a high schooler. It was all so cute and quaint that even though I was freezing, the snow added so much beauty and grace to the streets. Still, I’d love to see it in the summer once much of the snow has melted and the sun gives the place a warm glow.

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