Warby Parker Home Try-On take 2

The first box of choices didn’t impress me a ton but I got an e-mail about their Spring 2016 line and there was a pair in an ad on Facebook that I felt the need to have so…a second box it is! Photo credit to Mr. Chokkattu, bonus credit goes to my new Yesstyle convertible scarf.

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I like these much better as a whole, partly because the first box I chose really neutral colors when that’s probably not what I actually wanted, partly because I am now used to the use of these frames and don’t feel like they cover as much of my face as they did before (and glasses that sit farther from my face means I can wear makeup underneath!), and partly because in general, I’m getting used to wearing glasses in public, which is something I really stopped doing in high school as soon as I got contacts.

I still like and recognize my face better without them, but I do really enjoy them as an accessory now!

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