Rose Pompon & Camille Goutal


I had the good fortune of trying Annick Goutal Rose Pompon (rose, black currant, and raspberry, though I personally got more peach and apricot accompanying the rose), the latest addition to the family, and celebrating it with my fellow noses last night.

I got a signature from the guest of honor (though she really would be the ultimate hostess) Camille Goutal herself, Annick’s daughter and dedicated perfumer on the bags they were giving out!

Rose Pompon was a little on the sweet and girly side for me (but won a lot of hearts that day, one woman telling me she never goes for the trendy thing but that she really adored Rose Pompon and purchased a full 100ml), but instead I snagged a travel bottle of L’Ile au Thé and a sample of Encens Flamboyant, both of which I love.

The next time I walk in that store though, I will purchase Matin D’Orage. No question.

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