Ellis Brooklyn Rrose Review

A sparkling combination of Centifolia rose petals and Sicilian lemon over vanilla orchid and spring musks.

I think I understand the desire to make the title this clever nod to the star of the fragrance, but I wish they had just called this one “Prose” like they clearly were planning to, and I’m definitely going to just call it “Prose” when I talk about it aloud.

Although to be completely honest, my first idea as an alternative was “Prosé” as in rosé, so clearly the weird, mid-20s functioning alcoholic Bath and Body Works-bred nature of my brain isn’t really equipped to judge.

Rrose as a fragrance reminds me of shampoo at first spray. There’s a kind of ultra-HD quality of these fragrances in general, but in a way it’s nice that they’re not trying to pretend they’re evoking real things. Perfume, more often perhaps than other forms of art, is more fun taken in the abstract.

I also like that it’s not super sweet. Although I’m not totally against a sweet or gourmand floral, candied is the way a lot of florals seem to be going these days. “Sparkling” on the other hand is a great descriptor, because the fragrance moves up and down the nose like, well, soap bubbles.

This one doesn’t last very long, becoming a faint whisper of rose and gardenia after about 4 hours or so.

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