Ellis Brooklyn Sci Fi Review

An intriguing, otherworldly blend of green tea, pink freesia, bitter orange and vanilla beans.

My first reaction was that there’s a dessert that smells just like Sci Fi. A cookie. A Girl Scout cookie? The lemon ones? My third favorite cookie to the OG Samoas and Thin Mints. Let me look them up real quick. Lemonades, ah.

Yeah, those.

Sci Fi smells like that sort of lemony shortbread at first. Also strawberries. Did you know lemons contain more sugar on average than strawberries? Strawberries just don’t contain as much citric acid, so you can actually taste the sweetness in them.

After a few moments it’s a little grape-y, like children’s erasers, or like the Kasugai Muscat Grape gummies. Juicy. Juicy? Sweet? Quite sweet. Why are there so many question marks in this review? Anyway.

It eventually settles on lemon cookies. It’s not a particularly strong fragrance, not nearly as assertive as the others in this collection, but smells like you made cookies lemon cake and washed up without soap, so a light lipid layer of butter and sugar and lemon zest is emanating from your skin. You decorated your cake with cut strawberries, so there’s just a hint of that rising from the tips of your fingers.

I’m surprised, and at the same time not surprised, to say that this is my favorite out of the bunch. This is a pretty little gourmand and I’m glad it’s the last one I tried out of this anthology.

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