5 Ways to De-Stress Your Hustle

Subtitle: Maybe if I write this out I’ll take my own advice or something I dunno.


Take your frustrations out on this very heavy cube in Astor Place. Alcohol not included but semi-recommended.

What is: hustling.

Hustling is when you bust that backside and get things done in a fast-paced, excellent way, keeping up energy and pace while doing so. If you rode the New York City subway anytime during the warmer months this year, Vitamin Water had a whole campaign about their difference elixirs supporting your hustle. Casper mattresses support your hustle. In fact, I think the only services not promoting a hard working culture were like, the antisocial Seamless/GrubHub ads and the StreetEasy ads targeting gentrifiers but I digress.

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Bee and Puppycat Sweater from WeLoveFine

I guess we’re going to call this a review because I’m going to be talking about one product that I purchased that I have opinions on.

So I bought this sweater:

a few months ago as a sort of final exam treat/Christmas present to myself. It’s adorable. The design is from the web cartoon Bee and Puppycat which I supported in a Kickstarter and wrote about back in September. It fits decently, a little baggy, but that’s what happens when your shoulders are randomly thick for your body. I paid like, $52.50 for that purchase, which I guess is within my willingness to pay, but I kind of wish I didn’t now. The sweater itself is pretty crap quality. It stretches with wear, and I’m sure if I snagged it on something, it would tear immediately. It’s not very warm either. I’ll still wear it, because the design is still adorable, but I’m feeling a little price gouged. I’ve only worn it three to four times since I’ve gotten it, and I’m always wary of sharp corners. I’ve purchased other thing from nerd-gear suppliers and I’ve always found that the stuff is always so hit-or-miss, and the quality inconsistent.

I’m still relatively happy with my purchase, but now that I’m about to graduate, I’m feeling a little more serious about my personal finance. I can’t partake in the support of some of my favorite nerd things if this continues to be an issue.

Toxic relationships


This post is not about friends, families, or significant others.

This post is about work dynamics, and in a roundabout, rather passive aggressive way I guess, about how I’ve been feeling for a few months now, and the situations I’ve needed to change. Situations that I personally need to handle better. Situations that I really just have to avoid. Some of the points certainly apply to me, and how I react to certain situations. I am fighting a lot of unhealthy behavior in my life, and I don’t always win and this damages my relationships with others across the board. I try to acknowledge this as much as possible, but I’m kind of at the point where it’s not a 100% hit rate. Anyway.

I’m going to take the Tiny Buddha points and rewrite them to describe how they may apply to a work setting.

1. It seems like you can’t do anything right.

Your efforts are constantly brushed off, mocked, or otherwise not taken seriously. Suggestions you make don’t count in the context of the group, and you are regularly being criticized without given adequate constructive material to improve.

2. Everything is about them and never about you. 

The goals are the only things that matter, and your needs and desires are not taken into consideration at any point for any reason. Any expression of discomfort or misgivings is met with accusations of bad attitude or undesirable qualities. At times, you may be talked over.

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Life Update

Things I wanted to mention about my life:

– Finally getting off my ass and applying to jobs. I feel like I’ll be able to pick up the pace soon. Revved for success and all that jazz. My current desire to use all of the buzzy idioms I know is indicative of this mindset change. Also, I finally care about school this year after like, a month and a half of being here. Maybe it’s because I’m getting closer to the balance I want. I have to set a few more boundaries, and maybe let a few more things go, but overall I’m less stressed than I was earlier this year.

– I want to start making music again, effective immediately when I have time. The last piece I finished was last year, and that’s depressing.

– I’m getting a new phone soon, thank god. I am increasingly feeling unable to deal with my phone, especially since I’m expected to constantly be connected. My boyfriend wants me to get the Moto G, and I actually really like it so I might do that.


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Great advice I needed

Great advice I needed

Really quick post, just wanted to share what I’m totally going to do from now on.

“You could call it my own version of “The Price is Right”. If I see something I want to impulse purchase, I think of a price I would be happy to pay for it. If I check the actual price and it’s lower, I buy it. If the price is higher, I walk away.”