I decided it was time to make an Instagram page dedicated to the amount of coffee I drink. I’m pretty excited about it actually. It’s pretty basic, but the plan is to do daily captioned pictures in the style of All My Friends Are Dead (the book, not the song), mixed with a little Jomny Sun.

I’m going to try for funny, cute, and amusing, but I can’t promise consistency on that so I won’t.

Anyway, go follow it maybe:

i’m not addicted okay.

Toxic relationships

This post is not about friends, families, or significant others.

This post is about work dynamics, and in a roundabout, rather passive aggressive way I guess, about how I’ve been feeling for a few months now, and the situations I’ve needed to change. Situations that I personally need to handle better. Situations that I really just have to avoid. Some of the points certainly apply to me, and how I react to certain situations. I am fighting a lot of unhealthy behavior in my life, and I don’t always win and this damages my relationships with others across the board. I try to acknowledge this as much as possible, but I’m kind of at the point where it’s not a 100% hit rate. Anyway.

I’m going to take the Tiny Buddha points and rewrite them to describe how they may apply to a work setting.

1. It seems like you can’t do anything right.

Your efforts are constantly brushed off, mocked, or otherwise not taken seriously. Suggestions you make don’t count in the context of the group, and you are regularly being criticized without given adequate constructive material to improve.

2. Everything is about them and never about you. 

The goals are the only things that matter, and your needs and desires are not taken into consideration at any point for any reason. Any expression of discomfort or misgivings is met with accusations of bad attitude or undesirable qualities. At times, you may be talked over.

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100 Happy Days

100 Happy Days

Oh god.

Even as I fill in the little blanks and sign up for this, I keep thinking I should put it off for another day or I’m going to be grasping for the things that make me happy or I’m going to miss a day or I’m going to find a day where I’m just not going to have the motivation to post.

I guess that’s the point though, isn’t it?


P.S. Oh right, I keep forgetting I have a Twitter. Don’t tweet me yet or anything though. I need to relearn how to use it first, haha.