WCW: Hedy Lamarr

Google featured her on Monday for her birthday, but since today’s a Wednesday, I thought I’d save her for Woman Crush Wednesday!

Not only is she iconically gorgeous, “the most beautiful woman in Europe” helped the WWII effort against Axis powers by developing jam-proof radio guidance systems for torpedoes and selling war bonds to people, as well as contributed to daily life by improving traffic lights and an Alka-Seltzer type carbonation tablet.  Read More

Til It Happens to You

In light of Lady Gaga’s new music video for “Til It Happens to You”, I would like to remind everyone that a victim does not have to be 100% innocent to be a victim, no matter what the law says. Anyway, victims do not have to argue liability; the rapist is on trial for a crime. The victim is not on trial for a negligence tort. But the law isn’t there to be a moral compass, it’s there to enforce the more extreme cases of ours.

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Why I haven’t posted in a week or so…

Why I haven’t posted in a week or so…


  1. Finals. Did shitty on those, don’t want to talk about it.
  2. Went to DC with a few friends and attempted to party like sorority girls which didn’t work out for me either, haha.
  3. Got sick.
  4. Had internship to go to and friends to see despite the sickness and still being sick.
  5. The above.

I don’t know. I want to find out more, but I also don’t ever want to be surprised like that or sad like that or angry like that again. I feel like I was duped. I was naive and silly to believe that people are more than just people. Why did I think watching someone on YouTube for years mean anything? That as long as I kept off tumblr, I would be able to keep out of the drama that makes the internet run? I don’t know Carrie, but I think it’s still safe to say that she deserves better.

Here’s a post documenting the many internet confessions that have been coming out.

Thief with a Conscience

Thief with a Conscience

We’re not talking Robin Hood and the livelihoods of the poor here; we’re talking a man who victimized children and teenagers and videotaped it for posterity being brought to justice by a home invader. The guy even reported his house broken into, but obviously didn’t mention the tapes.

It’s a pretty delicious bit of justice and irony, I think. Also, the burglar was pretty smart about how he turned the tapes in.