Honeycomb Candy with dark chocolate and other nonsense

That’s what I did today with Mr. Chokkattu.


Recipe from the SORTED boys, whom I met the other week when they visited NYC for the Today Show, cheerily enough. I think I love them more now that I’ve met them. They’re a little shorter than I thought they would be, but at 5’1″ that’s not really a thing I can get hung up on, haha. This one’s my favorite picture. Credits to Mr. Chokkattu, linked above.

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Let’s talk about beauty

The beauty industry was something that, to a tiny, chubby, poor girl with limited artistic talent, seemed rather unapproachable. There seemed to me a certain limit to beauty, and if you go beyond it, it’s simply not beauty anymore, but becomes humdrum or “fucking weird” and while beauty is subjective, even if you openly deny the traditional ideas of beauty in your particular culture, you still know what they are.

Thankfully, even something seemingly as set and unchanging as the ideas of beauty get a facelift, as over the years we’ve seen ethnic faces in the crowd become the norm of any fashion show, and plus-size models take the runway and the covers of magazines. The acknowledgment of the beauty of the transgendered in huge “traditional” places such as Barneys New York.

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Miami, Florida: Day 2

We hit Miami Beach yesterday, which was gloriously comfortable and warm, and seriously full of gorgeous people. I honestly haven’t seen this many beautiful people in one place at a time. The beaches in Miami are wholly different from the Jersey Shores I’m used to; the sand for one is much softer, and there doesn’t tend to be seaweed at your feet. And the water is somehow saltier, which is kind of gross when you’re surprised by a wave and you get a mouthful, but it was lovely nonetheless.

There were also tons of really expensive cars and lots of dogs. I have yet to see a Mercedes G Wagon (my favorite), and there were no big dogs in sight. I just want to see a rottweiler, damn it. I love those.

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11 – Hitchhiker

SM…you crazy.

(but I think I like it.)

I think if I went into it like “Oh, I’m going to listen to acid house/weird trance” or “I’m about to watch something Japanese” I wouldn’t be as confused. But I went into it thinking “SM is a high-earning, conservative, tightly-reined company and would never put out something weir–what is this my fleshy processor is failing what.”

FKA twigs


FKA twig’s styling is so killer, her voice is lovely and interesting, and the lyrics are, well “Feel your body closin’, I can rip it open/suck me up, I’m healin’ for the shit you’re dealin’/smoke on your skin to get those pretty eyes rollin’/my thighs are apart for when you’re ready to breathe in/suck me up, I’m healin’ for the shit you’re dealin’/hi, motherfucker, get your mouth open, you know you’re mine.”

I’ve listened to “Two Weeks”, “Video Girl”, and “Pendulum” so far. There’s a layered, almost litany-like suggestion to the music so far that I really enjoy in most music. That’s also why I love HOLYCHILD, especially my first exposure to them via clothesencounters. Church choral (think Carol of the Bells, which is basically a huge choral round) is intended to open up the mind to the higher beings and create an emotional understanding of spirituality; I’m not religious, but there’s always a slightly different part of my hearing that only pays attention when that quality is used in music.

Expressive sexual passion and “weird” seems to be the image for her. Like Frida Kahlo (which is why I chose the above picture.) It’s rough and it’s a little weirder than what I would generally share with the general public, but I like it. Plus, it’s actually not that weird past the surface. She’s a popstar gaining traction and dating Robert Pattinson, so obviously someone thought the time was ripe for someone who’s like a female The Weeknd with extra synth. It’s severely different from one Ms. Nicki Minaj, who also has a hat in the “weird-sexy” field, but does it with wild colors, multiple personalities (Beyonce really should have just stayed out of that trend) and a kind of arms-length, clinical sexuality, while FKA twigs is much more intimate, and dirty.

I like that. Even Jhene Aiko, even though I adore her, doesn’t really have a texture like that.