Honeycomb Candy with dark chocolate and other nonsense

That’s what I did today with Mr. Chokkattu.


Recipe from the SORTED boys, whom I met the other week when they visited NYC for the Today Show, cheerily enough. I think I love them more now that I’ve met them. They’re a little shorter than I thought they would be, but at 5’1″ that’s not really a thing I can get hung up on, haha. This one’s my favorite picture. Credits to Mr. Chokkattu, linked above.

I also got to attend a Solve for X moonshot design run event (held by Ubisoft?), which was exhilarating and fun, and not a little bit daunting, as I was in a room full of science and tech professionals who had experience and actual ideas to offer. I remember writing in my application that my idea to improve NYC infrastructure was some nebulous desire to improve playgrounds based off of some of the installations students from MIT already put into place in a couple of them. Creatively engineered playgrounds, because they helped inspire kids and improved quality of life. Or something. I think.

Unlike myself, others in the room did not stare at a 8-square gridded piece of paper and only fill in the first two boxes, nor did they drop their Post-It notes on the ground after hearing others present because they literally didn’t make any sense. Not going to lie, I want to do it again, but I also feel like although I was able to keep my enthusiasm and people didn’t seem to treat me like I didn’t belong there, I really didn’t feel like I belonged there.

Other positive things: My efforts to get my boss’s articles published has finally come to some fruition! As have my efforts to have her speak at a venue. I’m so relieved, especially since it happened around some of the lower points of the last few weeks.

I will be posting perfume reviews soon though! It will be fruit-focused: winter and summer. And then I should be able to get into the habit of posting regularly again. The last few weeks have really messed with my ability to focus, so I just have to pull it back.

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