Miami, Florida: Day 2

We hit Miami Beach yesterday, which was gloriously comfortable and warm, and seriously full of gorgeous people. I honestly haven’t seen this many beautiful people in one place at a time. The beaches in Miami are wholly different from the Jersey Shores I’m used to; the sand for one is much softer, and there doesn’t tend to be seaweed at your feet. And the water is somehow saltier, which is kind of gross when you’re surprised by a wave and you get a mouthful, but it was lovely nonetheless.

There were also tons of really expensive cars and lots of dogs. I have yet to see a Mercedes G Wagon (my favorite), and there were no big dogs in sight. I just want to see a rottweiler, damn it. I love those.

Next stop was The Clevelander. We were warned that it was super touristy, but the music was great. Reggae, R&B, with a dash of Hispanic influence mixed in, which is my favorite type of music. Unfortunately, despite the music, the dancing was lacking and I’m glad we high-tailed it out of there. All in all, that part of the night ended up pretty weird, and all things considered, wasn’t even important. What IS important is that I’m not getting paid for the following photo and I’m really proud of it.

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