Bee and PuppyCat premieres November 6th!

Bee and PuppyCat premieres on November 6th! I’m so excited. The Kickstarter obviously went through and the team has been working on it for months. I love Natasha Allegri’s writing style and her brain children are some of the most interesting and entertaining of this comic style.


Plus, the art is just so lovely and fantastical.


The whole Cartoon Hangover team and all of their guests are ridiculously talented and hilarious, and they’ve gotten me excited and laughing at cartoons in a way I haven’t for years now, in a package I can actually consume (go Youtube, no television for me.)

Gay Gaming Characters

The PBS Youtube shows are just so good! I don’t even play that many video games and this channel is incredibly intriguing.

This isn’t an issue I’ve ever even thought about, and now I’m  a little upset because it’s  obviously such an overlooked problem. I’ve only vaguely read about the social issues within the gaming world as it is, and part of that is that I’m not a gamer. It’s interesting, but it follows the pattern: nerds are really insular. Even now, when nerding is a big trend, there are people that try to keep themselves encapsulated: the backlash against “fake cosplayers” and “gamer girls”, brony culture, “filthy casuals”, haha. I can see the big patches of people who put up the red tape, whether or not they realize it or not. I mean, the whole stereotype of the gamer in their mom’s basement eating junk food and lacking a job is based on the notion that gamers don’t like social change/”growing up.”

The lack of acceptance top-down? Makes sense business-wise. It’s risky. The community is loud when it wants to be.

Asian Women are Submissive!

I love David So!

Anyway, I won’t write that much about it because he certainly covers all of the areas I’d focus on, but frankly, all of the women in my mom’s friend group are hard-working ball busters who are managers and senior accountants in their respective companies with real influence over their shit. My mom owns her own business with my dad. My cousins are all making bank whilst holding down the house. Man, exactly how much evidence do you really need before your eyes are crossed from having to ignore everything in front of your face?

Plus, anyone who’s dated me knows the title statement is hilarious.

Why I haven’t posted in a week or so…

Why I haven’t posted in a week or so…


  1. Finals. Did shitty on those, don’t want to talk about it.
  2. Went to DC with a few friends and attempted to party like sorority girls which didn’t work out for me either, haha.
  3. Got sick.
  4. Had internship to go to and friends to see despite the sickness and still being sick.
  5. The above.

I don’t know. I want to find out more, but I also don’t ever want to be surprised like that or sad like that or angry like that again. I feel like I was duped. I was naive and silly to believe that people are more than just people. Why did I think watching someone on YouTube for years mean anything? That as long as I kept off tumblr, I would be able to keep out of the drama that makes the internet run? I don’t know Carrie, but I think it’s still safe to say that she deserves better.

Here’s a post documenting the many internet confessions that have been coming out.