Atelier Cologne Cafe Tuberosa

After a few months of marinating in Self-Pity and Work and Responsibility, I’m really happy to finally smell something that ruminates in my mind so much that I really wanted to write about it.


Photo from Sephora

I had this one hyped up to the heavens for me on Sniffapalooza Fall Ball Sunday in 2017. (Yeah I actually started this review last year. Whoops.) I usually hate things that are hyped up so pre-sniff. My mind was already countering every single bit of praise being heaped upon this fragrance.

Someone said it was wonderful for coffee lovers? I decided it was probably sickly sweet like a lot of coffee fragrances can be, because for some reason a lot of people really like that.

Someone said the tuberose was super balanced and didn’t take over? I decided that meant that the florals took a back seat after the initial sniff.

Someone said that I’d really like it? Uh, okay you don’t know me like that.

But as it happens they did know me like that.  Read More

Paris Je T’aime (Day 1 Pictures)

As promised (though rather delayed) here are some photos from our first day in beautiful, charming Paris.

One thing I forgot to take a picture of was our Airbnb host Maryline’s neighborhood in the Batignolles. Seriously the most adorable neighborhood ever. An outdoor grocery market lines the roads nearby, and the whole place smells like rotisserie chicken and oranges. Read More

Budlet’s Florida Water review and NYC rent hikes

Review’s at the bottom! I got a little carried away with the opinion part.

Florida was a fun find while browsing NYC’s famous (opened in 1971) Pearl River Mart before its depressing brick and mortar close in December because of a giant rent hike at the end of this year’s lease. Pearl River Mart houses tons of Asian/Chinese clothing, plateware, mugs, teapots, cooking utensils, chopstick designs, a small selection of instant noodles, various sauces, and Asian snacks, as well as a tea balcony, a bunch of random knick-knacks downstairs, and plants.

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Iceland Day 6: Penultimate Post!

This will be the second to last post about the most beautiful and refreshing place I’ve ever visited. I will miss a number of things about Iceland, which I will enumerate in my last post, but can be summed up as: how the hell did this little island slip my travel plans. It was only because of Mr. Chokkattu that I thought of this place at all as a potential destination and that’s insane to me now.

We filled our last full day in Iceland with Snæfellsjökull and rounded the trip out back in Reykjavik at the Settlement Museum before we bid the country adieu the next morning. My last glut of pictures, 60 altogether:
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Ineke A-H: Derring-Do

Something light and fairly cheerful today!


Wet: water, grapefruit, vetiver, pepper
Dry: pepper, cedar, water, fern, flower stalk

Derring-Do doesn’t smell like soap! I’m so happy. With the cedar and the aquatic notes I get from this, it seems like more of a masculine scent, if only because these are notes marketed within the male fragrance sphere. It’s warm and a little sweet from the floral and pepper notes, and while it’s a little complex right up to the nose, it’s fairly harmless from afar. Like an every man’s kind of scent, and not in a bad way. This would be quite welcome in an office full of Acqua di Gio and Ralph Lauren, but it probably wouldn’t really stand out. It’s warm and clean, and a scent that’s comfortable and inviting. Perhaps this would be best on a young man wearing a navy blue sweater vest.

Wonuts & the first day of the rest of my life

I have just been alerted to the fact that waffle donut hybrids exist and can be had at the Waffles Cafe in Chicago. While this is wonderful, because donuts with the slight chewy and crispy texture of a waffle just goes so well with the sweetness of a donut (think cruller; those are my favorite types of donuts!) it is also terrible because I haven’t been to Chicago in years, I’m really bad at saving money, and I won’t be able to go until I have both money and time. And as the last semester of my undergraduate life is starting today, I may not have time until months from now, let alone money saved up.

Oh. Today’s the first day of the last semester of my undergraduate life.

Oh dear.


Let’s hope this is the last semester, and I start my real adult life soon after *crossesfingers*.