Valentino’s Uomo

Valentino Uomo

  • Wet: super sharp bergamot, tonka bean, faint chocolate, weird leather
  • Dry: smooth milk chocolate, hazelnut, floral notes, leather, bergamot, leather, wood

I had Mr. Chokkattu over the other night and I love pushing fragrances on him. Unfortunately, I definitely spoiled him the first time by giving him LADDM (Tauer’s L’Air du Desert Marocain) from a split, which suits him perfectly, so everything after that has been a crapshoot, though he prefers the incense and smoke heavy scents.

I had tried Uomo on myself the previous day and I did not enjoy it. It stayed powdery sweet on me for hours and it was like wearing the scent of the taste of powdered sugar, maybe a little aspartame, mixed with a little accidental generic cocoa with a weird sharp note that I’m pretty sure was the amalgamation of the citrus and the leather together. Not “chocolatey” or “gianduja” at all. It really wasn’t pretty.

It smelled much better on the boy; sweet and milky, the hazelnut finally coming through on top of leather and woody carry that wasn’t weird and plastic-y, and all around fairly pleasant. It started out just as weird, but on him it quickly settled down into something more comforting and much less off-putting. He doesn’t like it much, as he thinks it’s too sweet, but he put it today after I gave him the decant and came over smelling faintly like a bar of chocolate, which was quite nice. I like it okay; it’s mostly just kind of boring. It’s a decent “out to tea” scent or first date scent, and it’s interesting, but I don’t find it sexy or seductive. It’s cute. For those sweethearts out there who want to wear it on their sleeves.

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