The new Annick Goutal boutique on Madison Ave.

It’s a good day when you can kick back with the lovely people of Sniffapalooza and the NYC fragrance community and get buzzed on perfume.

Mr. Chokkattu and I stopped at Lladro first, but I forgot to take pictures of the pretty porcelain, brand new candles and a new votive. No matter, they had three new home fragrances. Gardens of Valencia and Mediterranean Beach are both florals, Mediterranean is heavier on the musk, and I Love You, Mom is a gourmand, floral on top of chocolate and honey.

And the new votive is really cute! It has the design of a nose on it.


They had a lot of traditional porcelain figures in the shape of young ladies dancing and cherub babies and, for the holidays, several pieces of the nativity scene, as well as some really lovely ornaments. They also had some really awesome funky pieces by Jaime Hayon and some bomb Asian-inspired works that were just amazing. The way the processes were described to us as well, with the amazing guest artists who hand paint some of the pieces and the whole kilning and everything was crazy.

As should be the price for such art, everything was very much out of our budget. We could have maybe purchased one of the regular egg votives or a tree ornament, but that would still take either of us out $60+ we can’t really afford, and anyway, those weren’t what we would have wanted. Still, if you have the money and the appreciation, I highly recommend the place.

After some chocolate covered fruit and a glass each of champagne at Lladro, seasoned with tears of the young and poor, we made our way over to the new Annick Goutal boutique they opened up on Madison Ave, where three new fragrances, cocktail drinks, and cookies were awaiting us.

It was a really fun time, and though the cocktails were simple, they really matched the fragrances really well! The most interesting cocktails were the Ouds 101 cocktail which had a flavor similar to drinking the essence of leather, and Vanille Charnelle (both new selections, along with Ambre Sauvage), which had a caramel-like effect. Very nice, and very fitting. Still, the best matched pair of the night were Petite Cherie and its cocktail: prosecco, Absolute pear, peach fruit. A gorgeous fragrance with a gorgeous drink.

Francoise Alessi implied in her introduction that now that they have the room, there might be more events to come, and I certainly hope so! Mr. Chokkattu and I had a lot of fun today,

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