Paris Je T’aime (Day 1 Pictures)

As promised (though rather delayed) here are some photos from our first day in beautiful, charming Paris.

One thing I forgot to take a picture of was our Airbnb host Maryline’s neighborhood in the Batignolles. Seriously the most adorable neighborhood ever. An outdoor grocery market lines the roads nearby, and the whole place smells like rotisserie chicken and oranges.

There are also a bunch of little restaurants and more corporate shops nearby. I ordered cafe au laits twice at Le Sauret, a restaurant with a morning coffee bar. It really seems like you can get whatever you want there within a couple minutes walk which is a dream for a Jersey girl and New Yorker like me. Plus, the metro is only 6 minutes away if you want to reach other parts of the city and all transfers only cost a trip (unlike some New York transfers which have you exit the station and repurchase.)

Also! I’m uploading this from a tea shop and patisserie called Toru in Lyon, France which actually just opened up two weeks ago. If you’re ever in Lyon, I highly recommend it. Nice, peaceful, upbeat music this morning with lots of light drums and guitar. A summery, cabana-type feel to the interior, and a very nice barista who helped us pick out teas.

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