Iceland Day 6: Penultimate Post!

This will be the second to last post about the most beautiful and refreshing place I’ve ever visited. I will miss a number of things about Iceland, which I will enumerate in my last post, but can be summed up as: how the hell did this little island slip my travel plans. It was only because of Mr. Chokkattu that I thought of this place at all as a potential destination and that’s insane to me now.

We filled our last full day in Iceland with Snæfellsjökull and rounded the trip out back in Reykjavik at the Settlement Museum before we bid the country adieu the next morning. My last glut of pictures, 60 altogether:

I hope sharing my journey has helped inspire someone else to travel to Iceland (if it hasn’t, you might want to stick around for my last post)! I had a wonderful time and everything I saw was awe-inspiring or pretty or cute or relaxing. The food was expensive, but delicious. We got to see so many things so close to each other, and I had a lot of fun.

If you go, tell me, and pack some extra sweaters!

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