Highlights of Yesterday’s Debate

If you didn’t watch last night’s debate, you can still watch it on YouTube here. You did miss out on the experience though because Twitter and Snap(Chat) were alight, intense, and hilarious, but it’s okay everyone gets to misstep once in a while.

Some serious notes: I thought the moderator was supposed to fact check during the night; a thing that didn’t really seem to be happening, which was disappointing and irritating. The moderator also did nothing to curb the interruptions, of which there were tons. Some of the answers were actually great from both sides, but while Hillary just fell flat on a platitude or two, I had no idea what Trump was trying to say sometimes. Read More

hopefully i have a fever

icing sugar on fragile crumb and soft snow on the ground and the scatter of dandelion seeds and buttercup petals do not touch where

there is dust on a shriveled rose

in the frowning houses, none of the cold, quiet places

no one goes;

where dust sits like cinder on a comfortable chair

no glint of a spark

in the air and

dust moves like a cloud

swallowing the sun

as the windows gape open

moaning loud.

Why I haven’t posted in a week or so…

Why I haven’t posted in a week or so…


  1. Finals. Did shitty on those, don’t want to talk about it.
  2. Went to DC with a few friends and attempted to party like sorority girls which didn’t work out for me either, haha.
  3. Got sick.
  4. Had internship to go to and friends to see despite the sickness and still being sick.
  5. The above.

I don’t know. I want to find out more, but I also don’t ever want to be surprised like that or sad like that or angry like that again. I feel like I was duped. I was naive and silly to believe that people are more than just people. Why did I think watching someone on YouTube for years mean anything? That as long as I kept off tumblr, I would be able to keep out of the drama that makes the internet run? I don’t know Carrie, but I think it’s still safe to say that she deserves better.

Here’s a post documenting the many internet confessions that have been coming out.